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Getting Secrets from OpenShift Console

Username and password for admin accounts of our services deployed on the NERC OpenShift Platform (NERC-OCP) are stored as Kubernetes secrets, which are accessible from the OpenShift web console. The console's URL is

A direct link to a secret looks like

How to Get a Secret's Value from the OpenShift Console

Click on the direct link to the secret, then log in.

Screenshot of OpenShift Console login page

Most of us log in using the "mss-keycloak" option, which redirects us to university/academic institution login pages.

CILogoon institution selection

After logging in, you will see details about the secret. Scroll down to the bottom section titled "Data". On the bottom right side there are buttons to either reveal all values, or to copy-paste a specific value.

Screenshot of secret details in OpenShift Console