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ChRIS is an open-source platform for computational research and medicine.

When open source meets passion and curiosity, it unleashes the potential to evolve research, integrate technology and inform better care.

ChRIS is democratizing computational medicine by creating a path from development environments to reproducible execution for scientist and clinician users. It empowers research developers to bring their work to production using Linux containers.

Built by researchers, for researchers.

Servers, drivers, compilation, installation... Let us handle that for you. Focus on the science, not the plumbing. Jumpstart development using our Python app template which includes an optimized Dockerfile. By automating the boring stuff using GitHub Actions, bringing your science to the multi-cloud has never been easier.


"There's a plugin for that."

Many popular neuroimaging software and pipelines are already available as ChRIS plugins such as FreeSurfer, FastSurfer, CIVET, dcm2niix, ANTs, ... to name a few. More ChRIS plugins can be found from our catalog, which is a list that keeps growing.

Works right where you are.

ChRIS is vendor neutral, supporting many clouds, hardware architectures, and container engines. Run it locally on Docker or Podman, or scale up with Kubernetes. One instance of ChRIS can dispatch jobs to any of the above, as well as SLURM for integration with your existing HPC.

ChRIS is for everyone

From citizen scientists to Harvard professors, ChRIS empowers anyone to use cloud computing and leverage research best practices such as reproducibility and data provenance.

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We are a community of academic and industry partnerships between the Boston Children's Hospital, Red Hat, Boston University, and the MOC Alliance. Our community's development approach motivates us to prioritize interoperability of software components as well as research and education.