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· 8 min read
Máirín Duffy

Jorge demoed the ChRIS plugin registration UI, Gideon demoed the updated add node UI with the CCC students matrix plugin, we had a discussion about CPU vs GPU processing outside of OpenShift, we had a discussion about sharing finer-grained state information about plugins as they run in the feed UI, and we talked about enabling PACS queries in the system in a short-term simplified way to hasten deployment.

· 6 min read
Máirín Duffy

Sandip demoed an image segmentation model training setup, combining multiple outputs in a tree discussion, admin panel ui, website

· 7 min read
Máirín Duffy

Gideon showed us his updates to the node parameter entry UI based on the discussion we had during the last time he demoed it. Sandip, Parul, and Rudolph planned an MOC howto session tomorrow afternoon. Jorge updated us on his progress adding shortform parameter names as a separate attribute in CUBE, and Mo discussed ideas for recruiting new contributors.