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26 March Status - Node parameter UI demo

· 7 min read
Máirín Duffy
UX Designer @ Red Hat

Gideon showed us his updates to the node parameter entry UI based on the discussion we had during the last time he demoed it. Sandip, Parul, and Rudolph planned an MOC howto session tomorrow afternoon. Jorge updated us on his progress adding shortform parameter names as a separate attribute in CUBE, and Mo discussed ideas for recruiting new contributors.

  • Worked on "Add a new node feature"
  • Demoed using the form and the freeform entry box to enter parameters for a plugin
  • Demoed required parameter plugin too

  • Question:
    • Decision in the UI, either form vs terminal
    • If you put guided configuration off... terminal should fill command window with form values
    • Gideon will implement a common buffer between the guided and freeform modes so the parameters will stay the same across, and also will try to tokenize the parameters and have error checking for the freeform mode.
    • If user enters nonsense parameters in the freeform and clicks back to the form, the form will flag them as nonsense and remove them from the command.

Bill Status

  • Nothing new to report except scheduling meeting with Parul and Dan to figure out next steps.

Sandip Status

Been working on plugin, containerize application with all its dependences. GPU part is still pending because some tensorflow libraries are failing because he's using a newer version of tensorflow and the dependencies are older.

Have a strategy and know what to do.

Using stoi to build the image - more intuitive and supports many libraries. Built a sample, might need Parul's help to move forward on that.

Parul suggests Sandip could also reach out to Bill if needed as they both worked on the demo.

Sandip planning to use a GPU internal to BCH. It's a machine running Ubuntu 19.10 with whatever the latest Ubuntu drivers are - Kuda drivers. Two titan 5 GPUs, each GPU has 12 GB of RAM. Medium-end GPU workstation.

Parul: You're free to use the one on MOC as well, in case you want to try out the whole stoi, in the sense you don't have to care about the version - everything is there in the template. But it's what you wish to do.

Sandip - I will try a sample application on MOC first then, and if that works I'll do my application there.

Parul: We don't know when the hackathon will happen, but will be a useful thing to demo in the hackathon.

Rudolph: How would you do this in the MOC right now - that sounds complicated to try to get up and runing.

Sandip: As of right now I have limited knowledge of MOC, just have an account that was provided to me.

Parul: I've been working with Elise a bit, Rudolph, and being able to run things on power9, I have been giving her help on OpenStack vs OpenShift and pfman and pfio on MOC. I'll give her a demo on how to configure an app on MOC, you could join that call.

Rudolph: Would like to join too.

Parul: I'm swamped this week so I put it on Friday between 3:30-4:30 (tomorrow.) Adding both of you to the invite now.

Parul: The plugin Bill and I worked on was doing handwriting analysis, but your plugin would be more meaningful to show bc it works with MRI.

Mo Status

Has been working on short notice assets for Red Hat Summit, but mostly completed now so going to work on PACS search design today.

Rudolph will be working on PACS search today too so will be available in Slack.

Jorge Status

short form and long form parameter work

Modified the plugins super class, so gives the short version and long version of flags in plugin representation. This was an issue that came up for the node configuration UI last week.

Also working on the ChRIS store, adding this change to the models. Right now the system works as before because the long flags are used by default, so current plugins work as the long flag is assigned to the short flag. New descriptor is called shortflag. If you want a plugin that defines both that shows up in the system, need to commit something to the plugin (docker image) to pick the new version of the superclass.

You don't have to do anything in the frontend, Gideon, because previously you were taking the flag, now flag will be assigned to the long flag. If you want to show both, you can use the short flag.

making our repos more friendly to new contrbutors

Make some changes to open source repos, make them more attractive so we could onboard more people. Added the ChRIS logo. CuBE, ChRIS store, and cookie cutter github repos. Trying to make repos more informative to get more people interested.

admin interface updates

Next, will be working on admin interface. Adding text edit so people can paste directly the plugin URL. A little more involved because I have to work with Django templates. That's it for me.

Rudolph Status

Mostly, have been working on the PACS javascript and intermediate service that powers it. From that having discussions with Mo as they come up.

Parul Status

Finished CI-CD healthcheck I wrote. Also worked on the email notifications.

The whole set of things I planned for ChRIS before the hackathon are done. Maybe next thing I'll start working on is - whenever someone makes a push to pfio pfman, to github, run services on MOC to hook it in. Pretty much my plan.

Rudolph: On that note, how much work would it be to do auto-updates on power9, assuming you get the power9 images

Parul: I don't know how much effort it'd take, but my plan is first to do on x86, and whatever works on x86 should work on power9, because I don't know if theres a thing, I don't think there would be any difference between power9 and x86. Need to add playbook to git repo, should be a flag or whatever to build as power9 or x86. One of the challenges I see - how would I be building power9, where would the image be built, because x86 you can built statically from github but I'm not sure about power9.

Rudolph: I don't know myself, if on dockerhub, you can build non-x86 containers... I don't know myself.

Parul: Dan was talking about there was a way to do in openshift... not sure or familiar with it. This is an interesting thing we can work on. After closing the loop with pfman and pfio, should take care of everything otherwise it'll send us an email if things aren't working.

Jorge: Running swift and openshift on MOC right, have a question. Trying to figure out a website for my company, was going to put a partner with Red Hat, BCH, MOC, is that fine

Rudolph: Fine by me.

Discussion: Recruiting new contributors

Some ideas:

  • Participate in next Outreachy round (need ~$6k funding)
  • Set up a domain for the project and website