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Migration of data to NERC OpenStack Swift

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Jennings Zhang
Research Developer @ Boston Children's Hospital

Currently, is being powered by a VM called in the Boston Children Hospital network's DMZ. It's been working well for us through the years, however its 480GB disk frequently runs out of space. For more storage, we want to try migrating the data into NERC OpenStack Swift object storage.

Ideally, we would rather use OpenShift NooBaa container object storage. Going 100% OpenShift is still on our roadmap, but at this time the NERC OpenShift cluster is having problems. In the meantime, we are going to use NERC OpenStack Swift instead. See my other blog post about how the OpenShift effort was going.

Requesting a Quota on ColdFrontโ€‹ is where we manage quotas and user access to our NERC projects. We have one project called "Hosting of Medical Image Analysis Platform" and two allocations for this project: one allocation on OpenShift and one for OpenStack.

Screenshot of NERC ColdFront "Projects"

Clicking into the OpenStack allocation, we can see our current quotas and request an increase.

Screenshot of NERC ColdFront "Allocation Detail"

The "Request Change" button brings us to a form where we can enter increased allocation values. You must also provide a reason for the increased allocation.

Screenshot of NERC ColdFront "Allocation Attributes"

I've done this twice, and NERC usually approves the request within 2 hours! ๐ŸŽ‰

Connecting to OpenStackโ€‹

The web GUI for OpenStack is To get CLI access, click on "Identity" -> "Application Credentials".

Screenshot of NERC OpenStack "Application Credentials"

I created an application credential with the name cube-chrisproject-org with the role swiftoperator.

Screenshot of NERC OpenStack "Create Application Credential"

After creating the application credentials, I clicked "Download openrc file" to obtain the file called containing access tokens.

In the command line, I installed python-swiftclient

# on Arch Linux
sudo pacman -S python-swiftclient

# or, for any distro
pip install --user python-swiftclient

To translate the OpenStack "openrc" tokens to tokens Swift can use, run

swift auth

The output looks like


The code for ChRIS_ultron_backEnd uses swiftclient.Connection which can be constructed using the values from the swift auth output.


$ rclone sync --progress swift:users nerc_swift:bchdmz_fnndsc_childrens_harvard_edu_docker_swift_onlyone_migrated
Transferred: 128.743 GiB / 128.743 GiB, 100%, 12.594 MiB/s, ETA 0s
Checks: 54945 / 54945, 100%
Transferred: 278086 / 278086, 100%
Elapsed time: 3h52m11.8s

$ echo $?

$ date
Sat 02 Sep 2023 09:39:43 PM EDT
openstack ec2 credentials list