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Your skills are needed to empower innovative research & scientific breakthroughs.

Join us in building a non-proprietary computing platform to provide researchers access to cloud & distributed computing.

What role would you like to play in ChRIS?

ChRIS is an open source project, meaning anyone is welcome to view our code, run it themselves, and make modifications to it. Our contributor community reflects a broad set of skills essential to our mission of empowering researchers through open source cloud & distributed computing technology.

These are some of the skillsets we're looking for.

Backend Web Development

Frontend Web Development

Quality Assurance & Testing

UX Design & Research

Marketing & Market Research

Technical Writing & Documentation

And these are some of the technologies ChRIS is built from.


Kubernetes / OpenShift



TypeScript / Javascript


New Contributor Checklist

  1. Check out our new contributor library

    Scroll below this list to find our library for new contributors - use the tutorials in this library to get a good background on how ChRIS works as well as (where applicable) how to get a ChRIS development environment up and running.

  2. Chat with us!

    Join our new contributor onboarding chat, and ask any questions you might have from browser our new contributor resources:

  3. Sign up for GitHub

    If you don't already have one, sign up for a GitHub account at Our GitHub organization is, and you are most welcome to browse our repos and docs and look for open issues to work on.

  4. Join our mailing list & send an intro!

    Sign up at, and introduce yourself! Let us know your skills / background and what sorts of tasks you'd like to take on. We can help you find something to work on!

New Contributor Library


How ChRIS Works: An Architectural Overview

Start here to get an overview of what ChRIS is, what technologies it used, and how it is architected. Video and text summary available.


Get ChRIS Up and Running on Your Laptop

Here's a full set of instructions to get ChRIS running on your local system so you can start working with the codebase.


Set Up the ChRIS Store

If you want to work on the ChRIS store, or need to test loading plugins into a ChRIS instance, you'll need to get the ChRIS store running on your system. Here's how.


Create Your First ChRIS Plugin (Under construction)

Have an application you'd like to package as a ChRIS-compatible plugin container? Find out how in these instructions.

Note: This tutorial is currently under development. It should be ready by mid-to-late September 2020.

Get Started Working with ChRIS Design Assets (Under construction)

Want to work on graphics, UX design, or marketing for ChRIS? This resource will familiarize you with ChRIS's design assets.

Note: This tutorial is currently under development. It should be ready by mid-to-late September 2020.